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Unable to See the Clio For Gmail Chrome Extension


  • Google Chrome plugin doesn't appear
  • Can't file emails using Gmail


  • Clio for Gmail Extension
  • Google Chrome
  • Gmail

Additional Information:

  • If you can see the Clio for Gmail button, but you can not see the "File to Communication" option, then please see this article


  • There are a few possible reasons this can happen


  1. Ensure that you are not using the "new 2018 Gmail"
  2. Ensure the Clio for Gmail Chrome extension is enabled by navigating here.
  3. Ensure that the Clio for Gmail extension is up to date (see here).
  4. Ensure that you are using the Original Gmail Experience and not the Updated 2018 version (see here).
  5. Restart Gmail in a new browser window.
  6. Disable other extensions in Chrome. See "Turn extensions on or off" here. (some 3rd party Chrome extensions conflict with Clio's Gmail plugin) 
  7. Disable any Gmail Labs features. See here. (some Labs features are not compatible with Clio's Gmail plugin)
  8. Enable less secure apps to access your Google account. See here. (if your Google settings are too strict, Clio's Gmail plugin may not have permission to run)
  9. Contact Clio Support via chat or phone.


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