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How to Delete a Document


  • Deleting Documents
  • Removing Document from Clio Documents
  • How to Delete a Document
  • Delete more than one Document at a time
  • How to Delete Multiple Documents at Once
  • How to Trash a Document


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Additional Information:

For information on how to locate Deleted Documents click here.

If you are a Clio Connect user you will not see the option to Trash or delete the Document. 

If you are looking at files in the "Original Email" folder you won't be able to delete those files.


  1. Click on Documents along the black bar.
  2. Click Files Only View (or go to a Document folder)
  3. Locate Document file you would like to remove
  4. Mark the Checkbox to the left of the file
  5. Click on the red Trash button on the top left side.


  1. Navigate to Documents tab
  2. Locate document file you would like to remove
  3. Click on the dropdown right beside View button and click on Trash
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