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Why is a Matter Bill Showing an Incorrect Trust Balance?


  • Understand where Trust Balance is being pulled from on Bills
  • Locate source of a Matter's Trust Balance
  • Why is my other Matter's Trust Funds showing up on Another Matter's Bill?


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There are two common reasons for this occurrence: 

  1. Trust Balance is linked with the Client: If funds are not linked with a specific Matter, but are associated with the Client, they will be considered as available trust funds for all of that Client's Matter. To confirm this, go to the Client page (rather than the Matter page) and check the Transactions tab for entries that are not linked with a Matter

  2. Bill Theme includes all Client's Matters: There are a number of Bill Theme settings that can be established to only include balances and transactions for the Matter being billed. To look into this, access Settings Billing Bill Themes and click on the Theme in question. Here is what to look for: 
    • Statement of Accounts > Summary of AccountOnly show Trust amounts for matters on the bill should be checked
    • Statement of Accounts > Detail of Account > Include all clients' Matters should be unchecked
    • Statement of Accounts > Client AccountOnly show Trust amounts for matters on the bill should be checked


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