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How Do I Bulk Import Related Contacts into Clio?


  • Import Related Contacts into Clio Manage
  • Bulk upload Related Contacts into Clio Manage
  • Add Related Contacts Information to the spreadsheet template 
  • Populate Related Contacts CSV for import into Clio


  • Excel
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Do not modify the column headers as they are mapped into Clio
  • Please ensure that each contact has a Matter and a Relationship filled out in the import template
  • The CSV will match the Related Contacts with existing Contacts in Clio, and will create a Contact if there is no exact match. 


Note: To link the Related Contacts to existing Clio Contacts, the Contacts themselves must be uploaded, or created in Clio first. The first_name, last_name, and/or company fields must match the Contact Record exactly. More information about importing Contacts can be found here: How to Import Contacts into Clio Manage

  1. Open this template
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your Related Contacts information:
    • matter: Must be an exact match for a Matter Display Number in Clio (excluding the description)
    • relationship: Enter the relationship of this contact
    • company, first_name, last_name: for linking the matters to the contacts and should match exactly with the first/last/company names in your Contact import (or existing Contacts in Clio)
  3. Save the file in CSV format
  4. Import the file by following the following steps:
    • Open Clio's Import page:
      • For North American accounts, click here
      • For European accounts, click here
    • Click Add
    • Under Import select Matter/Contact relationship from CSV
    • Click Choose File
    • Select the CSV file you saved in step 3
    • Click Upload File
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