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What Data Can't be Migrated or Imported into Clio?

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  • Bring over data that isn't migrated
  • What information is not covered in a Data Migration?
  • Will all of my data be exported from my previous software to Clio? 
  • Can I migrate all my data from my previous software into Clio?
  • Can I import Bills, Financial history, and Trust information?
  • Can I import Emails and Communications?
  • Can I Import User Rates?
  • Can I Import Documents?


  • Clio Manage


Typically, not all data sets can be migrated from your previous software as a part of a Data Migration.

Items that cannot be imported into Clio are listed below. Please click the links to see our recommended best practices for managing that information:

  • Accounting and Financial History including:
    • Outstanding Accounts Receivable Balances
    • Bills and Trust/Client funds Requests (historical)
    • Bill Payments and Trust/Client funds Payments
    • Billable Rates (e.g. User Rate, Client Rate, Matter Rate)
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • User Permissions

To determine what can be migrated from another practice management program, search our Help Center for: What can I migrate from [program name] to Clio?

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