How Will My LawPay Processing Fees Be Paid?


  • How do I pay the processing fees for Clio Payments 
  • Will Clio absorb the cost of my LawPay processing fees?


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Clio does not cover the fees for Credit Card processing. Clio will absorb the cost of your LawPay Subscription. If you have any questions pertaining to these fees you can contact LawPay support on: 1 888 376 0950


Processing fees for LawPay are deducted by LawPay at the end of the Month from the operating Account associated with your LawPay account. If you receive a payment by credit card, the full amount reaches your Operating Account, and at the end of the month LawPay will send you a Statement and deduct the processing fees from your Account. 

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