Does the new Clio experience function with Dragon Dictation?


  • Can I use Dragon Dictation with Clio?
  • Do you support dictation software?
  • What dictation software is compatible with Clio


  • Clio Web App
  • Dragon Dictation

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At this time, Dragon Dictation does not work consistently with the new Clio experience. We are working to support complete functionality with Dragon Dictation, but there are currently some limitations to using Dragon Dictation with portions of Clio.

For example, what we've seen happen is Dragon Dictation will work in a Notes field in Clio, and when you are done and go to "Save" this information in Clio, sometimes this text input my Dragon Dictation won't be "seen" by Clio. An easy way to fix it is when you are done dictating to simply type a "spacebar" into the field and then save that information.

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