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What Contacts are Included in the Office 365 Sync?


  • Choose which Contacts to Sync
  • Can I Limit Which Clio Contacts Sync with Office 365?
  • Restrict syncing to Clients with Open Matters
  • Can I sync Office 365 Contacts from a shared folder? 


  • Clio Manage
  • Office 365

Additional Information:

Please note: contacts will only sync over to Clio if they are stored in your Office365 account. If your contacts are stored locally in your Outlook Desktop application, may need to export that those contacts and import them into Clio or Office365 manually.

To verify that contacts are stored on the cloud, go to and check to see if your contacts are in the contact book.

Please note: Deleting a contact in Office 365 does not delete the Contact in Clio Manage. 


Contacts from your main "Contacts" folder in Office 365 and all Clio Contacts will be included in the sync

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