KCS - Xero Error Message: This Document Cannot Be Edited as It Has a Payment or Credit Note Allocated to It


  • Receiving Error message for Xero sync


  • Clio Web App
  • Xero

Additional Information:



  • In Xero, payments can only be applied against Invoices that are not already Paid.

  • This could happen if manual payments were applied to a Xero Bill. In such a case, the Bill would transition to Paid in Xero, but would still be Awaiting Payment in Clio. Xero rejects the Payment with an error because it will not allow a Payment to be applied to a Paid Bill.


  1. Remove any Payment/Credit Note from the Bill in Xero.
  2. Apply the Payment in Clio.
  3. Let the Clio Payment sync over to Xero. 


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