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Medilenz Services provides the following: 

  • Chronological indexing of medical records, using our proprietary AI technology
  • Flat rate per page pricing
  • Summary of relevant medical events
  • Highlighting of important data
  • Hyperlinking and bookmarking for easy navigation
  • Expert opinions from qualified physicians and surgeons as additional/optional service
  • Deposition summaries
  • Demand letters
  • Easily add additional medical records as they become available

Medilenz Services provides fast medical summary services using AI assisted processes.
Clio users do not need to create a separate user id with Medilenz. They can access Medilenz Services from Clio.

Using our application integrated with Clio, attorneys can select a case from Clio and upload medical records (PDF files) for that case.

Subscription to Medilenz Services is free.
You only pay when you use Medilenz Services

Our pricing are as follows:

  • Medical Summary: $30 per hour
  • Expert Medical Opinion: $50 per hour
  • Hyper linking and Bookmarking of records: Flat rate of $40
  • Deposition Summary: $0.85 per page

For other services and special discounts, please contact


Connecting Medilenz to Clio
Using Medilenz with Clio
Contacting Medilenz Support

Connecting Medilenz to Clio

When you add Medilenz Services from Authorize Apps, you will see a screen from Medilenz that requests you to authorize Medilenz to access your data on Clio. Please click on the “Authorize” button.

This will take you to Clio, where you can authorize Medilenz to access your user ID and Case Matters.

Using Medilenz with Clio

Once you authorize Medilenz, you will be taken to a page where you can upload medical records or check the status of previously uploaded records.

To check status of the previous cases, select the matter from the table and click “submit”.

If you want to upload medical records, please click “Upload Your File” button.

In the file upload page select a case matter from your Clio database or enter a case name manually. Please select appropriate options and enter case overview then click “Submit”. It will take to the user to our file upload page, where the user can select from the files on their computer, and upload them.


Contacting Medilenz Support

For support inquiries, please contact


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