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Can Clio Send Automated Bill Reminders?


  • Automatic Re-Share of Bills
  • Reminding Clients of Outstanding Invoices
  • Outstanding balance reminders


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

For more information click Automated Bill Reminders FAQ


Automated Bill Reminders enables you to automatically send Outstanding Balances to your clients and bill recipients based on a schedule you can customize.

Reminders can be turned on with the toggle in the Outstanding Balances tab on the billing page: 


Once the toggle is on, a success notification will let you know reminders are set up.


If the frequency of the automated reminder needs to change, they can be done so in

  • Settings > Billing > Automated Bill Reminders


Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, your client will receive an email similar to the Outstanding Balance email reminding them of anything they owe. If Clio Payments is connected, they will be able to pay by credit card.


The default schedule is to start 15 days after a bill is issued, and to repeat every 15 days until the balance is paid. In the case that there are multiple bills, the issue date will be the issue date of the oldest outstanding bill. Reminders can repeatedly send as frequently as 7 days, or as infrequently as once every 365.



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