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What Are the Different Options When Generating a Statements of Account?


  • Different options when setting up Statements of Account
  • Explanation of fields when creating Statements of Account
  • How to print Statements of Account


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Filters:  Here you can choose if you want to create statements for "All Clients" (in one PDF file with separate pages for each), a "Specific Client", or all clients for a specific "Responsible Attorney". There are several options to choose from when selecting to generate the Statements of Account. You can choose to generate statements for all clients or all clients for a Responsible Attorney. Or, generate for Clients with a "zero balance" (they do not currently owe your firm any funds), or "un-billed clients with funds in Trust or Operating" (they are Clients with a positive balance of funds held at either the Contact or Matter level).

Group Results By: Determines the order that statements appear in the PDF when generating statements for all clients. Defaults to "Client". Change to "Responsible Attorney" to change the order of statements.

Matter Information: Check the box to include Matter number, Billing Method, and Responsible Attorney information on the statements.

Select Date Range:  When you choose a date range, any activity before the start date will be brought forward as an "Opening Balance". Any Transactions that appear outside of the selected date range will not be displayed in the final report.

Account Balances: Check the appropriate boxes if you would like to show the client trust and/or operating balances. These amounts will appear at the bottom of the statement.

Bill Theme:  You are able to choose an existing Bill Theme to use to style the Statements of Account.  Please note that you are unable to create Bill Themes specifically for Statements of Account and are not able to modify the information contained in the Statements.

Format:  PDF can be chosen if you want to save/open/print the Statements of Accounts.  You are also able to save this file in a Zip format for backup purposes on your computer.

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