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Can I Edit/Move/Delete Documents In Clio Connect (Clio for Co-Counsel?


  • Can Clio Connect Users Delete Documents? 
  • Can Clio Connect Users edit Documents?
  • Can Clio Connect Users move Documents?


  • Clio Connect/Co-Counsel

Additional Information:

Clio Connect Users only have the option to "View Details", "Add Time", and "Preview".  The Document can be downloaded and then edited but not within Clio Connect. 


No. Even if the Document was added by the Clio Connect user, they will not be able to delete it.

You can upload files/documents and folders to your Clio Connect account, however as they are immediately shared with your attorney, you cannot delete or move these once uploaded.

This is intended functionality to prevent accidental deletion of important documents.

Please contact your attorney to make changes to uploaded documents.

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