KCS - How Do I Reset the Outlook Desktop Sync?


  • To learn how to reset the Clio Sync Tool


  • Clio Web App
  • Outlook for PC
  • Clio Outlook Desktop Sync

Additional Information:

This process should not be taken as your first attempt to fix a problem.

Please Note:

  • When these steps are complete the user will have to log in again with their credentials
  • None of the user's existing configuration (sync interval, etc) will be remembered.

This step may be used to solve the below issues:

  • The user is trying to connect the Outlook Desktop Sync with a different email address
  • The user recently switched to Outlook Exchange. 


  1. Open Clio Sync Setup
  2. Click CTRL + SHIFT + D (while the Clio Sync Setup is the focus of the page)
  3. Close Clio Sync Setup (click Exit on the Clio Sync Setup)
  4. Click Control + Alt + Delete, and terminate the CompanionLink.exe Process
  5. Delete "companionlink.ini" file
  6. Open Clio Sync Setup
  7. RECONFIGURE Clio Sync (set the sync settings to what they were before the companionlink.ini file was removed)
  8. Click Synchronize 


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