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KCS - Can I Charge My Clients Back for Credit Card Processing Fees?


  • Can Credit Card Surcharges be Added to Bills


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Additional Information:

  • Credit Card Surcharges are not legal in every state. Please refer to this list of statutes and ensure that you're permitted to surcharge your Client.
  • You can only surcharge up to the amount charged by the payment processor. This means that if LawPay charges 1.95%, the maximum allowed surcharge is 1.95%.
  • Credit Card Surcharges are not legal in Canada.
  • If the Client is paying the surcharge by Credit Card, LawPay will charge a surcharge on the surcharge—this means that while you can recover the majority of the fee, it's essentially impossible to recover 100%.

  • For information on how to set up Taxes, please see here.


Yes. You can use our Tax function to add other types of surcharges like credit card processing fees to Bills.

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