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KCS - How to Export from HoudiniEsq

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Additional Information:

Please note that success of any data migration depends primarily on the quality of the data set provided to us. Before attempting to migrate your information into Clio, you should ensure that your data is consistently formatted, well organized, sufficiently backed up, and stored securely. If you are not certain, it is recommended that you consult with your Clio representative before proceeding


Exporting CSV Data

  • Houdini provides a way for you to create a zip file containing Contacts, Events and Matters as CSV files. A CSV file is simply a list of fields separated by commas. Most spreadsheet applications can work with them easily.

Export CSV from HoudiniEsq

  1. Go to the Settings ribbon and click Export CSV. 
  2. Select which data you wish to Export. You can choose to select a Sample only (includes up to 10 records), or select records from a certain Date range. In addition, you can also select to Export data from a specific Contact or Matter. 
  3. Once you have finished making your selections, click Export Data. Depending on the size of data, it may take some time. HoudiniEsq will create a zip file with all of the CSVs inside of it. The CSVs will look something like this (in Excel).


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