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KCS - Can I Change one of the Attendees going to the Clio Cloud Conference?


  • Swap out attendees for the conference
  • Want to bring someone else to Clio Con


  • Clio Cloud Conference
  • Eventbrite

Additional Information:



Yes, this is very doable up to 3-4 weeks before the Conference. Please fill out the following fields for the new person you would like to bring, let us know who can no longer make it, and send it to

Please note, most fields are required and there are a couple secondary questions contingent on how you answered the previous one.

Attendee Info (one set of fields per person)

  • First Name*:
  • Last Name*:
  • Email*:
  • Have you attended the Clio Cloud Conference previously?* (Y/N)
  • In which state is your primary practice or work located?*
  • What is your primary practice area or professional specialization?*
  • What is your Twitter handle? (Please include the @ symbol.)(optional)
  • What is your T-shirt size? (Shirts will have unisex sizing.)* (XS-2XL)
  • Please list all dietary restrictions and food allergies.*
  • Please list all accessibility needs or considerations*
  • Are you currently using Clio?* (Y/N)
    • If yes, What is the email address used to log into your Clio account?*
    • If no, What practice management system are you using?*
  • Are you a member of a State Bar Association in the United States?* (Y/N)
    • If yes, Please indicate the state bar(s) you are a member of:*

    • For CLE purposes, please provide your member ID(s) for your state's bar association.*

  • Are you a Clio Certified Consultant?* (Y/N)
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