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How to Export from Advologix

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  • Get my data out of Advologix
  • Migrate from Advologix
  • Export from Advologix
  • Advologix migration
  • Get data from Advologix to Clio 


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Additional Information:

Please note that the success of any data migration depends primarily on the quality of the data set provided to us. Before attempting to migrate your information into Clio, you should ensure that your data is consistently formatted, well organized, sufficiently backed up, and stored securely. If you are not certain, it is recommended that you consult with your Clio representative before proceeding.


Important Note

  • Users with the “Data Export” permission can view all exported data and all custom objects and fields in the Export Service page. This permission is granted by default only to the System Administrator profile because it enables wide visibility.

How to Export:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Data Management | Data Export and Export Now or Schedule Export. The Export Now option prepares your files for export immediately. This option is only available if enough time has passed since your last export. The Schedule Export option allows you to schedule the export process for weekly or monthly intervals.
  2. Select the desired encoding for your export file.
  3. Select Include in export to include attachments in your export data.
  4. Select Replace carriage returns with spaces to have spaces instead of carriage returns or line breaks in your export files. This may be useful if you plan to use your export files for importing or other integrations.
  5. If you're scheduling your export, select the frequency (only available for organizations with monthly exports), start and end dates, and time of day for your scheduled export.
  6. Select the types of data to include in your export. We recommend that you include all data if you are not familiar with the terminology used for some of the types of data. Note the following:
  7. Formula and roll-up summary fields are always excluded from exports.
  8. If your organization uses divisions, data from all divisions is included in the export.
  9. If your organization uses person accounts and you are exporting accounts, all account fields are included in the account data. For more information on account fields, see Account Fields.
  10. If your organization uses person accounts and you are exporting contacts, person account records are included in the contact data. However, the contact data only includes the fields shared by contacts and person accounts.
  11. For information on field limitations, see the Salesforce Field Reference Guide.
  12. Click Start Export or Save.

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