What Happens to an Overpayment in Clio that Syncs to Quickbooks?


  • Overpayment syncing 
  • How to handle an overpayment 


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • Example: if you pay a $100 Bill with a $1 overpayment in Clio, the integration will send a $101 payment to Quickbooks. Clio doesn't recognize the extra $1 as earned revenue, but Quickbooks does consider it a payment to the Operating Account for earned revenue.  The $1 overpayment in Clio can be used to pay a consecutive invoice. However, in Quickbooks, the $1 overpayment will be applied to earned funds twice. Thus doubling the payment amount.


  • The overpayment feature in Clio doesn't translate to Quickbooks. The best option is to not use the overpayments feature in Clio if you wish to integrate with Quickbooks. 


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