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What Happens to an Overpayment in Clio that Syncs to Quickbooks?


  • Overpayment syncing 
  • How to handle an overpayment in Clio if QuickBooks Online is synced
  • How to deal with Overpayment In QBO if the month is reconciled/closed


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • Any edits you make to invoices in Clio will sync over to QuickBooks Online, unless that month has already been reconciled. You will need to manually make the changes in QBO if that is the case.


The best option is not to use the overpayment feature in Clio if you integrate with QuickBooks Online already. 

Recommended Workaround:

  1. Record a Payment up to the Invoice amount 
  2. Add a New Transaction for the balance on either Matter-level or Client-level to add the remaining balance
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