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Why Can't I See the Quick Bill Button?


  • Where is the Quick Bill option? 
  • Unable to use Quick Bill option
  • The Quick Bill Button is Missing From the Matter Dashboard
  • I can't find the Quick Bill button when I go to the Matter Dashboard
  • Unable to find quick bill
  • Where did quick bill go?
  • Quick Bill button not visible
  • Missing Quick bill button


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • If you would like the ability to generate a Bill for a Matter, the Matter must be set to billable. 
  • To learn how to change your Matter Billing Preferences, click here


There may be a few reasons that this button would be missing from your screen:

  • The Quick Bill button is only visible to users with Billing permissions. Ask an Account Administrator to enable Billing Permissions on your account, or ask someone with Billing permissions to create the Bill.

  • Your Billing Rate Visibility might be set to Limited or None. Ask an Account Administrator to go to Settings -> Manage Users -> Edit for your user, and update the Billing Rate Visibility Settings to All.

  • The Matter is set to be Non-Billable. Hence you are not able to create Bills for this Matter and the Quick Bill button would be hidden.
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