KCS - What Displays on the Matter Dashboard?


  • What are the different cards/section in the Dashboard tab of Matters?
  • Overview of the Matter Dashboard tab


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

What Contact Information is Visible from the Matter Dashboard?


  1. Financial
    • Budget: Total, Remainder, and Budget forecast (available on Elite subscriptions)
    • Total time
    • Total expenses
    • Outstanding balance
    • Trust funds
    • Options: Quick bill, Add time, Add expense, New request (trust)
  2. Details: Data input into standard Matter fields
    • Options: Status drop-down menu
  3. Custom Fields: Data input into Custom Fields (available on Boutique and Elite subscriptions)
  4. Contacts: Client and Related contacts
    • Options: Add related contact
  5. Timeline: Log of all activity on the Matter (creations, edits, and deletions)
    • Options: Filters, Export
  6. Options: Share, Edit
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