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Pop-Up Reminders Are Not Appearing in My Browser


  • I set a Pop-Up Reminder but it won't show up in my browser.
  • Why won't pop-up reminders appear on my screen?


  • Web Browser

Additional Information:

People will often run into this during their testing of the pop-up feature, when you set a pop-up reminder for just a few minutes in the future, for example.


Pop-Up Reminders are loaded by the browser on page load. If you do not navigate away from the page (or refresh the page) at all between the time the reminder is set, and the time of the pop-up notification, the pop-up will not appear.

In addition, if Notifications are blocked for Clio through your browser settings, the notification may not appear.


After saving the Reminder, do either of the following:

  • Refresh the page before the Reminder is set to appear.
  • Navigate to a different page in Clio before the Reminder is set to appear.
  • Set your browser to allow notifications for Clio.


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