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Rainmaker is a cloud-based software diagnostic tool that helps law firms get more work from their existing clients, improve their closing/success rate with new prospects and increase the number of firms and other professionals that refer work to them. Integrated with Clio, Rainmaker is a powerful client intake tool for new commercial client matters to give you a comprehensive overview of all of that client's legal needs (not just the matter they've retained you to do).  It could also be used as a value add for your existing business clients to help them understand their legal requirements holistically within the context of their business strategy.  It could then be used as ongoing annual review tool thereafter.

Rainmaker can help directly generate revenue for your law firm.  It is a tried and tested legal diagnostic tool. In just one 90 minute, face to face interview with your client, you will be able to give your client a snapshot of where their business sits; where they want to go and how they can get there without making costly mistakes. It results in an automatically generated report and a proactive, long-term work-plan designed in accordance with your client’s priorities, budget and cashflow.  Rainmaker will not only drive up your revenues and boost your firm’s financial stability, it will also help grow and protect your client’s business ultimately making their business more valuable. It’s a win-win for you both.

As a Clio customer, you might be eligble for a promotion when signing up a new subscription with Rainmaker. Click here to get started.


Connecting Rainmaker to Clio
Using Rainmaker with Clio
Contacting Rainmaker Support

Connecting Rainmaker to Clio

Once you are signed up with Rainmaker and are logged into Rainmaker with your new account, click on “Account” in main (top right) menu then click "Integrations".

Click “Enable” and then click “Allow Access” when presented with Clio’s authorization screen.

Once the integration is complete, click “Close” to return to Rainmaker.

On “Your Integrations” page, you’ll now see that your Clio integration is enabled and ready to use. Click the “X” to close out of your Accounts section and return to the Rainmaker application.


Using Rainmaker with Clio

Once you have connected your Clio account to Rainmaker, you’ll now be able to import client details into Rainmaker. To do that, on the main Rainmaker page, with no Client File open, select “Clio” from the dropdown box under the “Import Client Files” heading. Then click “Import Clients”.

Rainmaker will load your list of clients from Clio and present them for you to selectively import by clicking the “Import” button next to each entry. You can perform this multiple times and Rainmaker will only present unimported clients.

Click “Close” to finish the client import process. You’ll now see the clients you imported listed in Rainmaker’s client list (on the left).

Contacting Rainmaker Support

If you would like more information on how Rainmaker can help you, please contact the Rainmaker sales team.


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