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Why Can't I Update My Contingency Fee Award on a Matter?


  • Can't Change Reward
  • Can't Update Contingency Fee
  • Unable to Update Award 
  • Unable to save Award 
  • Updating a Contingency Fee


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


The Contingency Fee has already been billed or Your Billing Rate Visibility is set to None.


Once a Contingency Fee reward has been Billed it cannot be edited as it is locked onto a Bill.

You would need to void or delete the Bill to update the reward.


If you wish to avoid voiding or deleting the Bill, you can create a Flat Rate time entry in order to bill for the difference between the original Contingency Award and the new Contingency Award. 

See here for more information: How to Create a Flat Rate Entry in a Matter


Here are the steps to update Billing Rate Visibility.


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