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How To Use Split-Screen Mode in Mac OSX


  • How to snap browser windows to the sides of my monitor
  • Arrange my browser windows so that I can have two windows on the screen at once in split-screen
  • Split my screen space between two windows evenly


  • OS X El Capitan or higher

Additional Information:

Instructions for Windows Users can be found here.


  • Click and hold the green button in the upper left corner of an app that shows two triangles pointing in opposite directions. Do not release the button.
    • If the green dot reveals a + sign, that app does not support slit screen view.
  • While holding down on the button, drag the window to the half of the screen you want to place it in. That half of the screen will be tinted blue.
  • Click on the window you want to fill the rest of your screen. 
  • To resize the windows, click and drag the black bar between the two windows to the left or right.


1   split screen screen shot


3   screen shot 2015 10 07 at 12.53.29 pm copy

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