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Why Can I see a Disabled User's Calendar?


  • Deactivated users Calendar appearing in my Clio account. 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Warning: If you activate the user, as a monthly subscriber, you will be charged for the reactivation if you activate on the payment date. Alternatively, as an annual subscriber, you will not be able to activate the disabled user, unless you have a free license. 
  • For instructions how to reactivate a Disabled user, click here. 
  • For instructions on how to unshare a Calendar, click here.


  • The disabled user previously created a calendar under their own name (instead of using the existing default calendar that already had their name on it) and shared that newly created calendar with you. The only way to remove the deactivated user's Calendar from your account would be to Reactivate the disabled user, log into their account and stop sharing the Calendar. 
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