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Strengthen Cases; Grow Your Copyright Practice. Mediascope’s automated search and match for images and videos locates new cases, more often. With a simple click, import valuable new Matters, paired with comprehensive documentary evidence reports, directly to your Clio account.

Using machine learning, Mediascope automatically searches the entire web for potential infringements of your client’s visual assets. By connecting to your clients’ websites, social media pages, and other image hosting sites, adding your client’s content is a breeze. Periodic content syncs and regular searches ensure that all newly published images and videos are being monitored.

To sign up for a Mediascope account click here, and register using your existing Clio account. Every subscription comes with a 7-day trial period, free of charge!


Connecting Mediascope to Clio
Using Mediascope with Clio
Contacting Mediascope Support

Connecting Mediascope to Clio

To create an account with Mediascope, visit the registration page, and click “Register with Clio”. Sign in to Clio to allow Mediascope access to your account. If you’re already signed in to Clio, you will be taken straight to the authorization window.

Authorize Mediascope to access your Clio account by clicking “Allow Access”.

Select the clients from your existing Clio contact list that you would like to import to Mediascope.

Select which of your clients’ websites you want to import images and videos from. Additional sources can be synced from the “Connections” tab.

Using Mediascope with Clio

After your client’s assets have been imported to Mediascope, navigate to the Sightings tab to review your results. To export a sighting to your list of Matters in Clio, select one from the Sightings tab. Click “show results” to review the full details of the sighting. Finally, “Save to Clio” to export the case information and Documentary Evidence report to your Clio account.

The exported case will appear in your Matters tab at the bottom of the list.

Contacting Mediascope Support

To contact Mediascope support, click here or email

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