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How to Prevent Bills from Accruing Further Interest Charges


  • Stop interest charges on my bill
  • Fully remove interest from the invoice
  • Prevent future interest charges from being applied
  • Suspend assessing late fees
  • To create an invoice with no interest being charged


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

A Bill will always obey the Payment Profile that was in effect when the Bill was generated. Even if you change the active Payment Profile after the Bill is generated, Interest will continue to accrue.

To remove a single Interest Charge line item from the Invoice, click here.


The only way to fully prevent a Bill from accruing further interest is to void and re-generate it. To do so, we'll first need to remove any Payments, Void the Bill, re-generate the Bill, then re-apply any payments.

  1. Make sure you have already changed the Payment Profile for this Client to one that does not accrue interest. (Steps can be found here)
  2. Navigate to the Invoice in question.
  3. Before getting started, download a PDF copy of the Bill as a backup record.
  4. If there are any previously applied Payments, take a note of the Payment Dates, Amounts, and whether they were Direct Payments, or payments from a Trust Account.
    • Be aware that if the Payment was made by Credit Card, the only way to remove them from the Bill would be to actually refund the amount back to the card. Therefore, it may be difficult to void the Bill if Credit Card payments are involved.
  5. Delete the Payments from the Bill. (Steps can be found here)
  6. Under More Actions, click Void.
  7. Once the Bill is Voided, navigate to the main Billing tab, and click on New bills.
  8. Open the Filter at the top-right, and enter the Date Range of the entries that were on the Bill we just voided.
    • This is to avoid any other Time and Expense entries—ones that weren't originally on the Voided Bill—from being pulled onto the invoice.
  9. Select the Matter in question.
  10. Click Generate.
  11. Enter the Issue Date to match the original Invoice, and set any other parameters as required.
  12. Click Generate Bills.
  13. Open the Draft Bill, verify that the totals match the original Invoice, and if everything looks good, Approve the Bill.
  14. Once the Bill is Approved, re-apply any previous Payments. Be sure to match the Dates, Amounts, and Source/Destination Accounts.


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