KCS - How To Pay the Entire Overdue Balance via Credit Card


  • How to pay the total amount outstanding using Clio Payments 
  • How to charge an overbalance via credit card 
  • How to charge an Operating retainer via credit card 


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information: 

  • For instructions on how to pay multiple Bills at once, click here
  • For instructions on creating a Trust Request, click here. 


  • Clio Payments doesn't allow the client to pay the total amount outstanding, but there are a few workarounds listed below:

Charge the client for the full amount using a LawPay link 800. For assistance on how to create a LawPay link charge, contact LawPay Support at. Once the full amount is paid using the LawPay link, open the Bills in Clio and manually pay the individual Bills in Clio to set them to PAID. 


Create a Trust Request for the full amount overdue and Share the Trust Request with the client. Once the Trust Request is paid, you can move the funds in Clio from the Trust account to pay the multiple Bills. 


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