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How to add an Additional Reminder for a Statute of Limitations Date


  • Adding extra SOL Reminders to a Matter


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Note: Reminders are set to an appropriate User. If the User is removed, the Matter itself may not be able to be updated or saved, as Clio, upon updating will search for the particular User who was removed. 

In order to address this, please add the Reminder to an active User and update the Matter. From here, the Matter will continue to be able to be edited. You may then remove the reminder entirely from the User. 


  1. Access the relevant Matter
  2. Click on the Edit option
  3. Under "Statute of Limitations," click Add new reminder
  4. Select the appropriate User and time for the reminder (relative to the SOL date)
  5. Click Save Matter
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