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Which Email Providers Work With the Clio Outlook Add-In?


  • Understand what a "Microsoft-backed" email account is
  • Understanding what a "Microsoft Hosted" email is
  • Know if my email address/account will work with the Clio Outlook Add-in
  • Can I install the Outlook Add-in if I am on the Go Daddy server? 


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft Outlook

Additional Information:

Just viewing your email in Outlook doesn't necessarily mean your email is compatible with the Clio Outlook Add-in. You can view your Gmail or Yahoo emails, for instance, in Outlook; however, only Microsoft-backed email addresses (,, etc.) work with the Outlook Add-in.

If you don't have a Microsoft-backed email account, but want to use the Outlook Add-in, you can forward your emails to a Microsoft-backed email account. For example, here are the steps to forward your emails if you're using Gmail.


Only Microsoft-backed, cloud-based Office 365 email addresses work with the Clio Outlook Add-in. This includes emails, as well as custom domain emails (e.g. powered by Outlook.

The Outlook Add-in does not support email accessed through an Exchange server hosted by a third party, or an Office 365 subscription purchased through a third party provider such as GoDaddy.

To confirm that you can use the Clio Outlook Add-in, you can:

  1. Use your email to log in to Outlook 365 on the web.
  2. Check for the "Get Add-ins" button in the Home ribbon of Outlook on your desktop.
  3. In Outlook for the web, open an email, click the three dots, and look for the "Get Add-ins" button.


If you are able to do either of these things, you'll be able to use the Clio Outlook Add-in.

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