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KCS - How Do I Import Matter Notes Into Clio?


  • Transfer Notes from one Clio account to another
  • Import my Matter Notes


  • Clio Web App
  • Excel or Google Sheets

Additional Information:

For Matter, in the Import CSV, ensure that the Matter Name exactly matches the Matter in Clio, or the Import will fail.

If a Note does not Import successfully, click the import ID, then scroll to the bottom to see the Import error. 


  1. In Excel or Google Sheets create a CSV file with the following headers (in order):
    1. date
    2. subject
    3. detail
    4. matter
  2. For each Note you wish to import:
    1. Add the date in month/day/year format (e.g. "1/13/2018")
    2. Add the subject of the Note
    3. Add the details of the Note
    4. Add the Matter that Note is associated to.
  3. Save the CSV file
  4. In Clio go to 
  5. Click Add
  6. Under Import select Notes from CSV
  7. Click Choose File
  8. Select the CSV file you saved in step 3
  9. Click Upload File.


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