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How to Adjust the Remaining Balance From a Trust Request


  • How to lower the amount billed on a Trust Request Bill
  • Adjust a Trust Request to reduce the request amount
  • Zero out partially paid Trust Request
  • How to write off a Trust Request


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If the Trust Request has been approved, you must have the Allow editing of approved Bills and Trust Requests option enabled in your account. Click here to learn more.

If a partial payment has already made previously and you would like to write off the remaining amount, enter $0 in the payment amount field and a check box to write off remaining balance should populate on the write off section on the bottom of the bill.

When an adjustment is made, you will see this section added to the Trust Request:

*If the Trust Request does not have any payments recorded on it yet, you will need to void it instead (More Actions > Void)


  1. Go to the main Bills page and locate the desired Trust Request
  2. View the Trust Request 
  3. Select More Actions and Record Payment 
  4. Enter the new amount in the Payment amount field. The field will appear red with the following error message "Select an amount for this payment." Disregard this message.  
  5. Check the box for "Adjust trust request to amount recorded. Disregard remaining $x"
  6. Click Record Payment


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