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"The Credit Card Information is Invalid or Incomplete. The Merchant Account Requirements May Have Changed." When Attempting to Process a Credit Card Payment


  • Full error message: "The Credit card information is invalid or incomplete. The merchant account requirements may have changed. Please re-enter the credit card information."


  • Clio Manage
  • LawPay

Additional Information:



There are a number of possible causes for this issue


  1. Verify that the Credit Card details were entered fully and correctly
  2. Verify that Clio Payments has been successfully set up. See How to Map Your Clio Accounts to Lawpay for more details.
  3. Check the location of the payer. See here for more details
  4. Verify that the Credit Card type (Amex, Discovery, etc.) has been configured correctly with LawPay. See here for more details 
  5. Contact Clio Support


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