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Can I Migrate Emails to Clio?


  • Are email included in a Data Migration?
  • Import Email to Clio
  • Can I bring emails into Clio?


  • Clio Web App

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While Emails are not included as part of the services provided by our Data Migrations team, there are several options for using Clio to manage your Email communications in Clio:

  1. Clio's Maildrop feature allows you to forward email to Clio and link them to Matters and Contacts
  2. If you use Gmail and Google Chrome, our Gmail Chrome Extention is even easier and faster to use.
  3. If you use Microsoft Outlook 365 or, try the Clio Outlook Add-in
  4. If you use a desktop version of Microsoft Outlook and don't have an Outlook 365 subscription, you can use Click to File for Clio
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