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How to Duplicate a Bill by Duplicating the Bill's Activities


  • How to Duplicate the content on an existing bill
  • How to manually Duplicate a bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

There is currently no one-click option for duplicating bills in Clio. However, you can duplicate all the Time Entries on an existing bill, and create an identical bill using those entries. 


  1. Click into the Matters Tab
  2. Select the relevant Matter Number
  3. Click the Activities sub-tab
  4. Ensure the Invoice column is enabled [see steps for enabling columns here]
  5. Observe the Invoice Column to see all Activities on the original Bill
  6. Click Duplicate next to all these invoices
  7. Save each Entry
  8. Go to the main Bills tab on the black bar
  9. Click Billable Clients
  10. Click Filter
  11. Select an Activities Date Range
  12. Enter the Matter into the Matter Field
  13. Click Search
  14. Select the checkbox beside the Matter name
  15. Click Generate
  16. Fill out all necessary fields
  17. Click Generate Bills
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