How to Send Email Notifications to Users for Newly Assigned Calendar Events


  • How do I notify users by email that a new Calendar Event was created


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

There is currently no option to immediately notify users when a new Calendar Event is created. However, you can notify Clio Connect Contacts via email when you invite them to a Calendar Event. 


Process for notifying a Clio Connect email address and forwarding the notification to other users:

  1. Create an email distribution list for Notifications
    1. Creating a distribution list in Outlook
    2. Creating a distribution list in Gmail
  2. Create a Contact in Clio with that distribution email
  3. Go to the main Calendars tab 
  4. Click Add Event
  5. Fill out relevant information
  6. Click Invite Contacts via Clio Connect
  7. Invite the Contact you created for the distribution email
  8. Create Calendar Entry
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