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Why Can't I Delete a Clio Bank Account?


  • I can't completely delete a my Clio Operating or Trust account, why?
  • How to delete Clio bank Accounts
  • This account cannot be deleted because it is mapped to a Clio Payments merchant account. Remove the mapping and try again.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Note that not all transactions can be deleted (ie: Payments for Trust Requests/Clio Payments)


You will be unable to completely delete a Clio bank Account if:

1. The Account has any manual transactions in it. The transactions will first need to be deleted.

2. The Account has Trust or Clio Payments transactions associated with it. Any Account with these types of transactions can not be completely deleted at this time due to the need to maintain financial records in certain jurisdictions. 

3. The Account is currently linked to a LawPay account.  Please go to Settings>Clio Payments to remove the connection between the bank account and LawPay or select a different bank account to connect to it

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