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What Does "Expected" Mean on the Personal Dashboard?


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Expected Billings are calculated as follows:

"Expected" is your Target divided by 24hrs and calculated based on how many hours have passed in the day.

Example: If your "Today's" Target is $800.00, and it is 4:00 pm, your Expected billed amount will be $533.33. This is how much you will have needed to have billed by 4:00 pm to be on track for your Target.

  • Today - Calculated for data entered today.
  • This Week - In the "This Week" graph this would be calculated over a 5 day week.
  • This Month - The "This Month" graph is calculated by taking your "This Year" metric (260 day year) and dividing it by 12 months.
  • This Year - The "This Year" graph is based on a 260 day year.
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