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Your Firm App


Your Firm App provides law firm a custom branded native application for their clients on iOS and Android. Integrating through Clio, Your Firm App provides mobile messaging between attorney and client, task list creation, document uploading and review, calendar updates and viewing, and bill viewing and payment, right in the palm of the client’s hand.

  • Easily communicate with clients in real time through a native mobile application. Send and receive messages with clients, upload and receive documents, and upload tasks to be completed by client improving client communication.

  • Clients may now view events on their matter calendar through the native app, eliminating unnecessary schedule questions for clients who are using the app.
  • Easily view and pay bills through the app using Clio Pay, Lawpay, or PayPal functionality.  Attorneys can elect which feature they wish to use for their payment option giving clients confidence in easily making payments direct from their phone.
  • The attorney maintains complete control over what is visible and communicated to the client through the native application, and the client has a central location to manage their legal matter through a native app on their iOS or Android device.

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Connecting Your Firm App to Clio
Using Your Firm App with Clio
Your Firm App Help

Connecting Your Firm App to Clio

  1. Contact Your Firm App at or visit to sign up.
  2. Receive your sign up confirmation email from Your Firm App.
  3. Open your Attorney Admin Panel.
  4. Select your pricing plan and input payment information.
  5. Input your firm's contact information as you wish it to appear on your firm's app.
  6. Input your firm's logo for the app's home screen, as well as a proposed logo as you wish it to appear in the App Store and Google Play, as well as the screens of your clients' phones. Select the design appearance of your splash screen.
  7. Create the design theme of your app by selecting the colors or preloaded color scheme:
  8. Input your Clio Secret Token. Find your Secret Token at:
  9. Change your admin panel password to your own unique password and select the mode of payment in which you wish to receive payments from clients through the app. Include the credentials for the selected mode of payment.
  10. Select which attorneys are accessible to clients through the App. The number of attorneys available to use the app for communication will be based upon the package selected at the time of sign up.
  11. Finally, create a unique user within your Clio account titled "Mobile Client." You may use any email address you wish to use for the mobile client. As of this time, this will require an additional user license with Clio.
  12. Your app will be reviewed by Your Firm App prior to submitting the app to the App Store and Google Play. The app will be submitted through the Your Firm App accounts on both app stores.

Using Your Firm App with Clio

Once your app is created, and you have created a Mobile Client user within your Clio settings, use Clio as it was designed to be used and include Mobile Client on all messages, events, or tasks that you wish to be visible to the client on the app.

  1. Messaging

    Simply create a secure message within the Client’s Matter and include Mobile Client as a recipient of the message and the message will be visible and active within the client’s app.  The client can then reply to the message using the app, and all communications will be preserved and visible within the client’s Clio matter.

  2. Document Uploads

    Any document uploaded to the Client’s Clio folder within their matter will also be viewable and downloadable to the client within their app.  They may sign documents using a third party signature app, or simply view and forward the documents as they wish.  The attorney simply uses Clio as designed knowing that documents within the client’s Clio folder will be visible to the client on the app.

  3. Task Creation

    Tasks become more applicable when the attorney must simply create a task within the client’s matter, identify the assignee as Mobile Client, and save the task.  The task is now visible to the client with the app and may be marked as completed when the client has finished the task.  Attorneys may also wish to email the client the task, and receive email notifications when the task is completed using Clio’s reminder and notification options when the task is completed.

  4. Calendar Entries

    Calendar entries are created just like they have been for the attorney within Clio.  The attorney must simply include Mobile Client as an attendee on the calendar entry and the calendar will now be visible to the client within their app.  The client will also have the option to have calendar entries entered on the app added to their respective calendar on their smart phone so they have the entry in two locations with notifications provided. 

  5. Billing

    Billing entries created for the client and sent to the client using Clio, will now simply be sent to Mobile Client in addition to the client’s email address.  The total bill will be visible within the client’s app and their outstanding balance may be paid using the app’s Clio, LawPay, or PayPal integration.

Your Firm App Help

If you would like more information on how to build or use your own app through Your Firm App, please contact our support team at (844) 464-1812, or at

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