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Revenue Report Under-Reporting a Matter's Collected Amount


  • Revenue Report shows the wrong total
  • Collected Amounts on the Revenue Reports show incorrect amounts for my Invoices
  • There are less collected amounts than I expect in my Revenue Report


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • To learn more about Revenue Reports, click here


  • When a secondary or tertiary payment is applied to a multi-Matter Bill, none of the payments are associated to the under-reported Matter.


  1. Find the second (or third, etc...) payment on that Bill
  2. Copy any payment details (such as the date/source/etc)
  3. Delete the payment
  4. Go to the Bill
  5. Re-apply the payment

Note: This solution only applies to Matters that are part of a Multi-Matter Bill with more than one payment applied to it. 


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