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How Do I Change My Bank Account Settings in Quickbooks Online So That They Will Be Available for Mapping?


  • Can't find bank account in QBO product and services dropdown/picklists 
  • How Can I Modify My Bank Account Settings in Quickbooks Online so They are Available for Mapping?


  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information

  • To Learn How to Connect Your Bank Accounts to Quickbooks Online from Quickbooks's Website, click here
  • For Setting up Trust and Trust Liability Accounts in Clio Manage, click here

Please Note:

Clio will only display bank accounts with one of the following Account Types in Quickbooks Online:

  • Revenue Accounts (Income, Sales)
  • Asset Accounts
  • Liability Accounts
  • Other Current Liability Accounts
  • Expense Accounts

Once an Account Type is correctly configured a corresponding Service must be linked to the account Type. 


Before proceeding with these steps, please make sure that you are in Accountant View and not Business View which can be done through the Settings gear on the top-right.

  1. In Quickbooks Online click on the Settings gear on the top-right
  2. Click Chart of Accounts
  3. Find the Bank Account you wish to configure
  4. Click the down arrow to the right of it
  5. Select Edit
  6. Under Account Type, set the correct Account Type
  7. Under Detail Type, set the correct Detail Type (This should be determined with your bookkeeper or accountant)
  8. Click on the Settings gear on the top-right
  9. Click Products and Services
  10. Either Create a new Service or Edit an existing one
  11. Under Income Account, select the correct Account from the steps above
  12. Click Save and Close 

The Service should now be available for selection in Clio.  

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