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How to Show Check Numbers for Client Payments on the Invoice


  • How to Display Reference Number on the Invoice
  • Show the Check Number on the bill itself


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • The "Check/Reference" field is used to track this information internally, but this field does not appear on the Client-facing Invoice.
  • Instead, we can re-configure the section of the Bill Theme that displays the Client's Trust Account Ledger, so that it will also display the Operating Account Ledger—and therefore, display information about all previous Bill Payments.


Step 1: Configure your Bill Theme

  1. Go to Settings → Billing → Bill Themes
  2. Click on the Bill Theme you wish to edit. If you're unsure, select your Default.
  3. Go to Statement of Accounts → Client Account
  4. Ensure that the following options are selected:
    • Show Client Account Information → Account Details
    • Include Operating Account History → Checked
    • Omit Operating Balance Information → Checked
    • Only show Trust amounts for Matters on the Bill → Checked



Step 2: Record the Payment, with the Check Information

  1. Now that the Bill Theme has been modified, navigate to the Invoice and click on Record Payment
  2. On the Record Payment window, after entering the payment details, find the Description field at the bottom, and modify the text to include the Check or Reference Number.
    • (Note: This is different than the Reference field, which is internal-facing only)
  3. Click Record Payment. The check information will be included in the Account Ledger section of the Invoice.



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