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Can I Create/Upload a PDF Template on Clio Manage?


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  • Can I Save PDF Templates on Clio Manage?
  • Can I Create a PDF Template on Clio Manage?
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Yes. You can build a PDF Template to use in Clio Manage Document Automation.

In order to do so, you will require:

  • A PDF Editor Application such as Adobe that supports PDF Fillable Form editing (this is also sometimes referred to as PDF Tagging
  • A Fillable PDF Form

The Clio Manage Merge Field must match the PDF Form field Name without the << or >> arrow brackets. 

For example, the screenshot below demonstrates the PDF Form field on the left side "Defendant / Respondent" being renamed in the PDF Text Field Properties on the right side to match a Clio Manage merge field "Matter.Client.Name". This Defendant/Respondent field will use the Matter Client Name in Clio Manage to auto-populate the PDF form when generated for a Matter: 
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