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When I Create a New Matter, the Number is Larger Than I Expected


  • Matter Number sequence seemingly jumps randomly (ie. New Matter is jumping from 18-00013 to 18-00067) when using Matter Number by Year.


  • Clio Manage


Matter of a previous year has been re-opened and was edited to have the Open Date in the current year. Because the current Matter Numbering Scheme is set to Matter Numbering (Per Year)/Yearly Matter Number, this results in the next Matter number to jump to follow the number of the re-opened Matter. 

For more on setting your matter numbering schema, see here.


Open Dates need to be adjusted to completely resolve the issue.

  1. Confirm that you currently have [yearly matter number] and [open date yy] or [open date year] within your current Settings
  2. Once confirmed, click go to the main Matters tab
  3. Click the All subtab
  4. Click Export at the bottom of the page and select Export All Columns
  5. Export as a .CSV
  6. Open the .CSV file on your local desktop
  7. Review the Matter Open Date column for any Matters from the previous year that have an Open Date in the current year
  8. Return to Clio and Edit the Open Date for all Matters from the previous year with the incorrect Open Date
  9. Save Matter changes
  10. Create a new Matter and confirm that it is populating the correct Matter number
  11. If not, repeat steps 1 - 8
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