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How to Enter Time for a Co-Counsel


  • The user wants to enter time on behalf of Co-Counsel, so the Co-Counsel doesn't have to log in to Clio Connect to enter this by themselves.
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  • Creating Time Entries for Co-Counsel
  • How Do I Add Time Activities via Clio Connect
  • Co-Counsel Time Entries


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Clio Users cannot enter Time for non-firm members directly in Clio.

Time may be added for non-firm members via Clio for Co-Counsel if you set this up under an email you control. Please note this is a workaround. 


  1. Create the Co-counsel as a Contact
    • Set their Primary Email to an email address not associated with your Clio Account but that you have access to
  2. Share the Matter you're hoping to enter time on behalf of Co-Counsel with the updated Contact
  3. Create a Clio for Co-Counsel account using the e-mail address you entered under the Co-Counsel Contact card
    • Navigate to the e-mail address you entered under the Co-Counsel Contact Card
    • Accept the invitation to View Matter
  4. Login to this new Clio for Co-Counsel account 
    • If you used the same email that you use to login to Clio you will need to switch accounts and this can be done by clicking on your name in the bottom left hand side of Clio Manage and choosing Clio for Co-Counsel from the drop down
  5. Once in Clio for Co-Counsel, click on the Matter tab along the top
  6. Click on the Matter name
  7. Click on Time Entries and then Add on the right hand side 
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