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How to Enter Time for a Co-Counsel


  • The user wants to enter time on behalf of Co-Counsel, so the Co-Counsel doesn't have to log in to Clio Connect to enter this by themselves.
  • Managing Time Entries for Clio Connect User
  • Creating Time Entries for Co-Counsel
  • How Do I Add Time Activities via Clio Connect


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Clio Users cannot enter Time for non-firm members directly in Clio.

Time may be added for non-firm members via Clio Connect if you set this up under an email you control. Please note this is a workaround. 


  1. Create the Co-counsel as a Contact
    • Set their Primary Email to internal email address not associated with your Clio Account
  2. Share the Matter you're hoping to enter time on behalf of Co-Counsel with the updated Contact
  3. Create a Clio Connect account using the e-mail address you entered under the Co-Counsel Contact card
    • Navigate to the e-mail address you entered under the Co-Counsel Contact Card
    • Accept the invitation to View Matter
  4. Login to this new Clio Connect account and enter Time or Expenses that you'd like associated with your Co-Counsel


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