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How To Use Zapier To Integrate Google Tasks with Clio Tasks


  • A Way To Sync Google Tasks with Clio Tasks
  • Have Google Tasks Show in Clio


  • Clio Manage
  • Zapier
  • Google Tasks

Additional Information:

  • The initials Zaps might take an hour or so to sync, but going forward the zaps should be much faster!


  1. Make a Zapier account by clicking here
  2. Click Make a Zap top right
  3. Choose Google Tasks from the Apps
  4. Choose New Task as your Trigger and click Save and Continue
  5. Select Connect an Account 
  6. Choose your Google Account and Allow Zapier access
  7. Click Test to verify the account
  8. If it comes back successful, click Save and Continue
  9. Choose the list of Google Tasks you want to use (default is My List) and Continue
  10. Make sure you have a recent Task created in Google Tasks and verify the Task List. Choose Fetch and Continue
  11. If Test Successful, click Continue
  12. Choose Clio as the next Action App
  13. Choose Create Task as the Clio Action and then Save and Continue
  14. Allow access to Clio Account 
  15. Test your Clio Account then Save and Continue
  16. Set up Clio Task by mapping the two sides of the Zap. Select the page with a plus symbol on the right top corner of the Name field. From this dropdown choose your most recent Task's name
  17. From Due Date field choose the page with a plus dropdown and select the Due field
  18. From the Description field choose the page with a plus dropdown and select the Notes field
  19. Set a Priority if you wish. This is optional
  20. Manually type in the name of the User in Clio you want these Tasks assigned to in the Assigned To field
  21. Leave the Matter field empty unless you want all Tasks to be assigned to the same Matter
  22. Skip the Matter not found field if you didn't enter a specific Matter in step 20
  23. You can choose whether you want the Task to be Private or Public or ignore as it is optional in the final field
  24. Choose Continue at the bottom of the screen
  25. Choose to Send Test to Clio
  26. If you the confirmation green banner at the top of the page and it says Test was Successful then you can choose Finish at the bottom of the page to name and and toggle the Zap on to complete.
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