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Clio's Academic Access Onboarding Guide

The Academic Access Program is designed to support faculty and students to learn valuable business and management skills surrounding their legal practice. The Academic Access Onboarding Guide will assist you in learning Clio’s core features through short, digestible concept videos. You can reference these videos at any time and share them as you wish!

Introductory Resources

The videos and articles below outline Clio’s core competencies and features. Depending on your program or school, you might be expected to understand some or all of these features or it will be advantageous for you to know as a part of your clinic.

Introductory Webinars

Watch some of these webinars to get a full overview of Clio.

Comprehensive Training

The resources below will offer you a one stop shop experience when looking to dive into the world of Clio. Tour through our Comprehensive Guide e-book or take Clio’s free product certification to develop your skills in practice management

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