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How Do I Prepare an Exported List of Contact Related Matters to Import Them Into Another Clio Account?


  • Modify a CSV of Related Contacts to upload into Clio
  • Get my Matter Relationships from another Clio account


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft Excel (or another spreadsheet program)

Additional Information:

Before uploading this CSV into a Clio account, ensure that you have first imported Matters, otherwise the import will fail.

Note that if your Matter names or Matter Descriptions contain colons, steps 6 to 10 may inadvertently result in some Matters breaking into more than 2 columns.


  1. Go to (or for users on our European servers)
  2. Click Excel ready CSV next to "Contact Related Matters"
  3. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel
  4. Use Text to Columns to separate the Matter Name and Matter Description (see here)
  5. Repeat steps 4 for column I, only use the "space" delimiter, instead of a colon
  6. Copy Column C and Paste it into Column A (overwriting what was there)
  7. Copy Column I and Paste it into Column D (overwriting what was there)
  8. Copy Column J and Paste it into Column E (overwriting what was there)
  9. Rename the following Fields (note that each is case sensitive):
    1. A1 as "matter"
    2. B1 as "relationship
    3. C1 as "company"
    4. D1 as "first_name"
    5. E1 as "last_name"
  10. Select all columns starting with Column F and continuing to Column J
  11. Click Delete
  12. Save the CSV
  13. Import the CSV to Clio (starting at step 3, here)


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