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Cannot Find Time Entries from a Specific Date


  • Unable to locate Time Entries on the date reflected on Firm Feed and Timeline
  • Can't find a Time Entry
  • Time entry is in firm feed for a date, but not in Matter


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

The date a time entry was marked as created in the Firm Feed may be different to the date the Time Entry was dated.


If you have Filter Dates in place for Activities when you add Time Entries in New Clio, they will default to the Start Date of the filtered range. For example, filtering Activities for the month of January, if you add new Time Entries they will be dated 01/01.


  1. Go to the Matter
  2. Select the Activities tab
  3. Locate the Entries (you can Filter by keyword or Activity category; try referring to the Timeline on the Matter page if you're unsure of the description/category)
  4. Edit the Dates 
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